Our Services



Studio 31 West is capable of recording full bands LIVE!. With 5 Iso Booths, Drum Room, Live Room & Control Room; we are able to fully isolate an entire band and capture the performance as it goes down LIVE! 


Studio 31 West provides a Digital Mastering Service that is tailored to each project and playback medium. Whether its for Radio, iTunes, YouTube, or CD, Studio 31 West will make sure your music gets treated the right way. 

Podcast Editing, Mixing & Mastering

Studio 31 West provides Podcast Editing, Mixing & Mastering. We will clean up the Vocal audio, remove pops, clicks, room noises, etc. We will Mix & Master the Podcast Audio to specs for iTunes so that your Podcast will stand out from the herd! 

Vocal Tuning

If your vocal needs a little pitch correction, send it to us. We'll make sure you are in tune and don't sound like T-Pain....Unless thats the vibe your going for!  


Sound For Picture

Studio 31 West provides Sound for Picture. A Studio 31 West Employee will be in contact regarding your Project, udget & Timeframe. B



Mixing is an art, and our staff at Studio 31 West take pride in delivering the greatest Mix Masterpiece to ur clients. With tons of Analog Gear and Digital Plug-ins; we can shape, sculpt, mold and finesse our way to providing you with a mix that you'll truly never forget! 


Audio Editing & Cleanup is a basic necessity that occurs with every project. Studio 31 West also provides Track Sequencing and ISRC Code Imbedding for Mastering Projects. 

Nashville Overdub Service

Take advantage our our location and hire Nashville Professionals to play on your record. You tell us what you want and we will bring in some of the finest musicians in town to add that extra sparkle to your tracks! 

I have been working with Studio 31 West since they recorded my first album. The tones they get and their professionalism are truly amazing!
— Studio 31 West - Client