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Cassadee Pope - Live Video & Recording Session at Studio 31 West

We had the great pleasure of having Cassadee Pope in the studio recently! She won Season 3 of the Voice and has been Touring all over the World. She came in to record a stripped down acoustic version of her new single, "I am Invincible". Big Machine Records provided the camera crew and we recorded Cassadee & her guitar player Live while the Video Crew did their thing. Check out the video below! You can visit Cassadee's website to see where she will be next! www.cassadeepope.com

 Cassadee Pope LIVE @ Studio 31 West - Recording "I am Invincible" - 2016

Cassadee Pope LIVE @ Studio 31 West - Recording "I am Invincible" - 2016

John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces - 2016 Session

We recently had John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces in the studio finishing up their EP release for 2016. We adhered to the same recording principles that we had used last year when we worked with them which was to record the band live, all in one room. No headphones, click tracks, overdubs, or any other studio sorcery were implemented in the capturing of their performances. We used a decca tree of great microphones to capture the sound of the band and the room and it was up to the musicians to blend themselves dynamically with each other and by moving around the microphones. The result is a total immersion of the quintessential raw acoustic band sound that we often lose in the studio by isolating each instrument. Obviously John Fabke had an amazing group of guys accompanying him on this project such as Shad Cobb & Brian Christanson on Fiddles (Shad even played Viola), David Talbot on Banjo, Sterling Abernathy on Mandolin, Todd Cook on Bass & John Fabke on Guitar. They were able to cut 7 songs in 4 hours! Be on the lookout for this great EP later on in 2016. In the meantime, swing over to John Fabke's website to see what all he is doing! www.johnfabkemusic.com

 The First Session with John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces - 2015

The First Session with John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces - 2015

New Gear Upgrades for 2016!

Christmas came early for Studio 31 West! We invested in the top of the line Audio Converters to help turn 2016 into a sonically beautiful year! Now don't get me wrong, our original converters were good - but these new Antelope Converters are amazing! We anticipate using this gear for Hi-Resoultion Audio Capture and Hi-Def Video projects along with Analog Summing and Headphone Distribution throughout the studio. So in other words, I'm trying to justify the uses for this piece of gear to outweigh the cost of it!

Johnny Campbell & The Bluegrass Drifters - Update

Hey guys! I wanted to update you on the progress on the new John Campbell & The Bluegrass Drifters Album! 

So far we are on Day Two of tracking and everything is coming together perfectly! These guys and girl are really grooving and the song selection is really strong. Everyone is enjoying themselves and there's nothing better than to be in the studio smiling and enjoying the progress that is being made. Below we've included some pictures of today's session. Remember to Follow, Like & Subscribe to all of the Johnny Campbell & The Bluegrass Drifters social media platforms (Along with Studio 31 West's)! 

Studio 31 West UPDATE!

Things have been chugging along here at Studio 31 West!

We recently finished up with the Ashleigh Caudill record titled "Looney Bird". It was Mastered by Randy LeRoy at AirShow Mastering and will be released soon. We are super proud of this record - both with the sonics of the record and also the performances we captured. Be sure to check this record out when it is released! 

We caught wind recently that the record we made with 10 String Symphony was featured on NPR! Here is the link in case you missed it - 10 String NPR

The Video Promo we did recently was an amazing success! We have several videos in the works and will be released very soon. Check out the Studio 31 West YouTube Channel to see the videos that have been published as of now. Thank you so much to the artists that participated!

Lastly, we updated our SoundCloud page with featured tracks of the records we have worked on. Please Like and Share the tracks that you enjoy and be sure to check out the artist(s) that made this great music!


31 West announces Summer Recording Workshop!


Studio 31 West will be hosting a Summer Recording Workshop on August 3rd & 4th! The workshop will be from 10am-4pm and you can reserve your spot here

This event is open to all ages and is great for singer/songwriters looking to get better at recording and mixing. We will be covering a number of topics and the course will be hands on and in depth! So be prepared to have a blast and learn the Art of Recording!


10 String Symphony - Weight of the World - Oct 23rd

Howdy friends and neighbors! We got word recently that the 10 String Symphony album that was recorded and mixed here at 31 West will be available on October 23rd! 

For those who love acoustic music, banjos, fiddles, great harmonies and amazing musical arrangements - this album is for you! 

Be sure to follow 10 String Symphony at their Facebook Page and check out their website for tour info and where to pick up the new album when it drops on October 23rd!


Ashleigh Caudill - Looney Bird is Headed to Washington!

We have great news! Ashleigh Caudill's full length album titled "Looney Bird" is all done. The mixes sound great and Ashleigh, Jim Hurst (Producer), Preston and I (Robert) are all ecstatic for "Looney Bird" to leave the nest! 

The album will be Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Airshow Mastering in Washington D.C. (Takoma Park). We are all really excited to hear what Randy adds to this already great project! Check out his list of credits! "Looney Bird" will be in good hands, that's for sure. 

Be sure to follow Ashleigh on Facebook and her Website to stay updated on the progress of "Looney Bird" and its travels from our home to yours! 


10 String Symphony Album Complete!

Hey guys, so here's an update on the 10 String Symphony record...... WE'RE DONE!!!!!

This album sounds incredible and will truly move you. I can't tell you how excited we are for you all to hear what we have been working on! Christian, Rachel, Mark (Producer), Preston & I put everything we had into this album and I hope that translates to your ears.

Throughout the recording process, I often found myself in complete awe at these two musicians' talents and scope as artists. From the very beginning they knew what they wanted and what they wanted to achieve. And I'll tell you friends, they achieved it! The arrangements and musicality of this album is like none other and their harmonies are so tight. I'll let you in on a little secret, everything captured on this record is real in every way. There was NO AutoTune, NO ProTools cutting and pasting, etc. What you hear is what they delivered and they delivered the goods folks! 

We finalized the mixes and now are sending the album off to Mastering. Our friend Tim Gennert (Who has consecutively won a Grammy, 3 years running) will be Mastering the project and it's going to be amazing!

Please make sure you support Live Music and go see 10 String Symphony perform at a venue near you. You can check out their tour schedule here at their website - http://www.10stringsymphony.com - And maybe while you're at the show, completely enamored by what you are hearing; you will pick up a copy of their latest record.

Seds Approves!  


Ashleigh Caudill @ 31 West

We are pleased to announce that we have started tracking on the newest studio album for Ashleigh Caudill titled Looney Bird

Ashleigh Caudill is an amazing songwriter and artist here in town (Nashville) and we are very pleased to help Ashleigh bring this new set of songs to life! The amazing Artist & Producer; Jim Hurst will be producing the album with Ashleigh and she couldn't have chosen a better producer. The chemistry and artistic understanding that is happening in the studio right now is truly inspiring and we at 31 West know that you guys are going to love this album!

So far we have had appearances by David Grier, Nate Lee, Matt Wingate, Jenni Lyn Gardner & Jim Hurst. These fine folks are all lending their talents to Ashleigh's record. 


John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces @ 31 West

John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces graced us with their presence recently! What a group of musicians! 

We wanted to approach the production aesthetic of this record differently than other records that we have worked on, so we went "Old School - New School". Which basically boils down to recording without headphones, LIVE, all in one room! That's how musicians used to do it back in the day so why not do it now in 2015! So that's the "Old School" part of the process; the "New School" side of the recording process involved a series of microphones that captured the RAW feeling of the Music, Room & Overall Vibe of the In the Moment feeling. We setup a "Tree" of microphones ranging from Old School Ribbon mics to High Fidelity Condenser mics. We brought in the old trusty Vintage RCA-44 to get some juicy bass tone and used one of the cleanest and most pristine Microphone Preamps in the industry to capture the performance. NOTE: We have 8 of these specific mic preamps by the way ;)

Anyway, we placed a GoPro next to the Mics and let it roll. This session was so fun and we couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to work with. Everyone was really excited to get to record this way and we feel that we really captured the true essence of what John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces were going for.  Check out the video below to see what I mean!



Tattletale Saints @ 31 West

We recently had the amazing Tattletale Saints in the studio to record some tracks for their video series promoting their new record! Cy & Vanessa are truly amazing musicians but great folks as well. It's always a good day when you get to record your friends and this day proved to be truly special. Cy & Vanessa's intent was to come in and record 3 songs and complete 3 mixes in One session, and we accomplished that! They were so efficient and knew what they wanted to do musically that it was up to us at 31 West to deliver. We had a blast providing the audio for their video series and I truly hope you guys go out and support these amazing artists! Catch them at a city near you and be sure to pick up their new cd!


Check out the end result here!


10 String Symphony @ 31 West

We are excited to have 10 String Symphony in the studio! Producer Mark Sloan will join in on the creative side and sonic textures! This album is going to be amazing! Check out their indiegogo to help support these amazing musicians. 

Harpeth Hill @ 31 West

31 West had the pleasure of working with one of the hottest upcoming Nashville Country Bands; Harpeth Hill! These guys have what it takes to make it to the top of the Country Scene here in town and I'm so happy for their successes! I know J.W. & Eric from the Honky Tonks on Broadway. We all have been paying our dues by working the clubs downtown (Both Preston & I mix Front of House & obviously J.W. & Eric perform) and these guys bring there "A" Game every time! If you haven't seen Harpeth Hill LIVE - then you need to go see them! Check their website for Dates - http://www.harpethhill.com - 


Harpeth Hill came in to finish up their debut EP (that by the way is FREE on their website now). We ended up capturing Master Vocals, Electric Guitars, Banjo, Fiddle, & Drums that ultimatey went on their record! Their Producer (Grady Woodruff) was awesome to work with and had great insights as to how he wanted the performances to go. It was just up to us at 31 West to capture those ideas to tape. Below is a candid video taken when we were doing microphone shootouts for the electric guitar!

It's always fun working with these folks both Live & in the Studio and I'm happy they chose to work with us at 31 West to record tracks for their EP! We look forward to the next one!

Johnny Campbell & the Bluegrass Drifters

31 West is proud to be recording Johnny Campbell & the Bluegrass Drifters! This is real deal Old-School Bluegrass right here! Be sure to catch JC & the Bluegrass Drifters on the Road this Spring.