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Ashleigh Caudill @ 31 West

We are pleased to announce that we have started tracking on the newest studio album for Ashleigh Caudill titled Looney Bird

Ashleigh Caudill is an amazing songwriter and artist here in town (Nashville) and we are very pleased to help Ashleigh bring this new set of songs to life! The amazing Artist & Producer; Jim Hurst will be producing the album with Ashleigh and she couldn't have chosen a better producer. The chemistry and artistic understanding that is happening in the studio right now is truly inspiring and we at 31 West know that you guys are going to love this album!

So far we have had appearances by David Grier, Nate Lee, Matt Wingate, Jenni Lyn Gardner & Jim Hurst. These fine folks are all lending their talents to Ashleigh's record.