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10 String Symphony Album Complete!

Hey guys, so here's an update on the 10 String Symphony record...... WE'RE DONE!!!!!

This album sounds incredible and will truly move you. I can't tell you how excited we are for you all to hear what we have been working on! Christian, Rachel, Mark (Producer), Preston & I put everything we had into this album and I hope that translates to your ears.

Throughout the recording process, I often found myself in complete awe at these two musicians' talents and scope as artists. From the very beginning they knew what they wanted and what they wanted to achieve. And I'll tell you friends, they achieved it! The arrangements and musicality of this album is like none other and their harmonies are so tight. I'll let you in on a little secret, everything captured on this record is real in every way. There was NO AutoTune, NO ProTools cutting and pasting, etc. What you hear is what they delivered and they delivered the goods folks! 

We finalized the mixes and now are sending the album off to Mastering. Our friend Tim Gennert (Who has consecutively won a Grammy, 3 years running) will be Mastering the project and it's going to be amazing!

Please make sure you support Live Music and go see 10 String Symphony perform at a venue near you. You can check out their tour schedule here at their website - http://www.10stringsymphony.com - And maybe while you're at the show, completely enamored by what you are hearing; you will pick up a copy of their latest record.

Seds Approves!