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John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces @ 31 West

John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces graced us with their presence recently! What a group of musicians! 

We wanted to approach the production aesthetic of this record differently than other records that we have worked on, so we went "Old School - New School". Which basically boils down to recording without headphones, LIVE, all in one room! That's how musicians used to do it back in the day so why not do it now in 2015! So that's the "Old School" part of the process; the "New School" side of the recording process involved a series of microphones that captured the RAW feeling of the Music, Room & Overall Vibe of the In the Moment feeling. We setup a "Tree" of microphones ranging from Old School Ribbon mics to High Fidelity Condenser mics. We brought in the old trusty Vintage RCA-44 to get some juicy bass tone and used one of the cleanest and most pristine Microphone Preamps in the industry to capture the performance. NOTE: We have 8 of these specific mic preamps by the way ;)

Anyway, we placed a GoPro next to the Mics and let it roll. This session was so fun and we couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to work with. Everyone was really excited to get to record this way and we feel that we really captured the true essence of what John Fabke & The Lonesome Aces were going for.  Check out the video below to see what I mean!