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Harpeth Hill @ 31 West

31 West had the pleasure of working with one of the hottest upcoming Nashville Country Bands; Harpeth Hill! These guys have what it takes to make it to the top of the Country Scene here in town and I'm so happy for their successes! I know J.W. & Eric from the Honky Tonks on Broadway. We all have been paying our dues by working the clubs downtown (Both Preston & I mix Front of House & obviously J.W. & Eric perform) and these guys bring there "A" Game every time! If you haven't seen Harpeth Hill LIVE - then you need to go see them! Check their website for Dates - http://www.harpethhill.com - 


Harpeth Hill came in to finish up their debut EP (that by the way is FREE on their website now). We ended up capturing Master Vocals, Electric Guitars, Banjo, Fiddle, & Drums that ultimatey went on their record! Their Producer (Grady Woodruff) was awesome to work with and had great insights as to how he wanted the performances to go. It was just up to us at 31 West to capture those ideas to tape. Below is a candid video taken when we were doing microphone shootouts for the electric guitar!

It's always fun working with these folks both Live & in the Studio and I'm happy they chose to work with us at 31 West to record tracks for their EP! We look forward to the next one!